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哈罗公学: 一座真正的英国学校免费下载及在线观看

哈罗公学: 一座真正的英国学校

主演: Miles Jupp
类型: 纪录片
制片国家/地区: 英国
语言: 英语
集数: 8
单集片长: 44min
IMDb链接: tt3345300


哈罗公学: 一座真正的英国学校剧情简介:

  Episode 1: Shells, Beaks and Boaters

  Documentary following staff and pupils at the all-boys’ institution. Filmed over the course of a year, the programme explores the most eccentric customs and traditions of the public school, which counts former prime minister Winston Churchill and actor Benedict Cumberbatch among its famous alumni. In the first edition, homesickness gets the better of Oliver, Sachin, and Dillon – who has travelled from Malawi – as they leave their families behind to begin life in their uniformed blue blazers and grey trousers.

  Episode 2: House Proud

  The pupils compete in the annual Glees & Twelves competition – an a cappella sing-off held in front of the whole school – but the much-fancied West Acre house is rocked by a sporting injury to one of its treble singers, leaving top scholar Daniel under increasing pressure to lead his group to victory.

  Episode 3: It’s Showtime

  It’s halfway through the summer term, and sixth-former Shrai is nervous as he becomes the first boy to ever direct a house play. It’s an exciting but daunting honour, given West Acre’s reputation as the artiest of the houses – but as stress levels rise and his popularity plummets, it seems he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Andreas is also feeling the weight of expectation, trying to meet the demands of being a music scholar, juggling school work and hours of practice with performances in various productions. The latest is the biggest musical event of the school year, which sees thousands of old boys invade the Royal Albert Hall for a nostalgic singalong celebrating everything great about Harrow.

  Episode 4: Aliens on the Hill

  As the autumn term draws to a close, sixth-formers Hugh and Henry reflect on some of the school’s eclectic range of traditions. They include Contio Latino, an annual event which requires the head boy to deliver a 20-minute speech in Latin, and the Long Ducker, a compulsory 10-mile race from London to Harrow. Meanwhile the Shells, or first-year pupils, are still getting to grips with what it means to be a Harrovian, with a football match designed to help them settle in.

  Episode 5: Welcome to the Family

  The boys return after the Christmas break and are straight back into their studies. One student feeling the pressure is music scholar Henry, who is charged with organising West Acre’s entry in the annual inter-house orchestral competition while also juggling exam revision, careers conventions and the start of the school football season – and with only a week to go, it turns out he still hasn’t arranged anything. Will it be all right on the night?

  Episode 6: A Military Operation

  As the inter-house army-drill competition approaches, sixth-form student Hugh tries to get West Acre’s bungling band of brothers to march in step, and cameras go behind closed doors to follow the work of the kitchen and laundry staff responsible for keeping the institution running smoothly.

  Episode 7: The Common Touch

  It’s the start of the summer term and House Master Martin Smith has his work cut out trying to help the boys concentrate while they revise for their exams. They also attend Speech Day, an open-air event in which the students dress in tails and individually tip their hats to the headmaster, and look forward to the inter-house relay race finals. West Acre has its hopes pinned on young Joel – until the sprinting star is injured in a rugby match.

  Episode 8: Goodbye Mr Smith

  Documentary following staff and pupils at the all-boys’ institution. Filmed over the course of a year, the programme explores the most eccentric customs and traditions of the public school, which counts former prime minister Winston Churchill and actor Benedict Cumberbatch among its famous alumni.

哈罗公学: 一座真正的英国学校评价:

  • 鱼更:前面两集还比较有趣,到第三集开始就觉得好long-winded,有点无聊。大概ITV production还是没法跟BBC比吧。I appreciate good education, but just don’t like elitism.
  • hermio:太太太喜欢看啦!每次看这个都是我的放松和享受。喜欢里面有趣的剪辑,可爱的男孩们和工作人员,还有那只小宠物。这是充满活力的故事!
  • 起风了:介绍了很多哈罗的传统,比如只有自己人会玩的足球,全套礼服加帽子,军训田径演奏会等等,全程以学生视角来讲述,非常生动有趣
  • warm* :一部看下来很快乐的纪录片,看到最后宿管大叔离开也是真的落泪。从中学到大学其实都没有读到自己最想去的学校,希望剩下三个月好好努力,研究生圆自己一个梦吧。
  • 科科:对英国名校有了更多的了解。看到了优秀学校下有意思的制度体系,优秀贴心的管理人员,以及优秀的学生个人。继续努力,希望自己有朝一日能让自己的孩子上这样的学校,接触更多厉害的人,拥有这样的人脉资源。


  • 几根佩毛:【才发现有条目/补/B站有传】从早到晚哈罗公学的孩子们是如何学习生活的。这部个人觉得没有后来的伊顿的好看,原因是因为哈罗还是没有伊顿贵族…让我压力小一点…同为寄宿学校,晚自习,社交活动,兴趣小组,更早明白了社会潜在的金钱划分的等级…但课程设置上…哎😪…还是输在了起跑线上。
  • 墨魂:哈罗的校舍是真漂亮,居然走童话梦幻风,单就环境而言感觉比伊顿要好很多。这种历史古老的贵族化公学,在培养学生的衣着礼仪和时间观念方面称得上是苛刻的。还有从入学开始就刻意强化的宿舍荣誉感,正如抖森所言,就像没有魔法的霍格沃茨(当然他原句所指的是他的母校伊顿公学)。
  • 吃掉花朵的羊:片头讲哈罗象征着财富与特权。他们重视学业、音乐、体育、着装与礼仪,努力坚持并延续着四五百年来的精英教育传统延续。不过对比一下最后一集里面1920年代的毕业照和2010年代的毕业照,就会发现学生们的精神气质已经改变很多了。House master 史密斯先生说得很对:要么好好学习,要么锻炼身体,游手好闲是下下策喔。
  • 遲:诚如短评所言,精英教育除了人文科学教育,还会注重德智体美劳全面发展。当国内的同龄人还痛苦地沉浸在没有课外活动的教育时,英国的这群少年已经在体验像板球、联合军事演习、乔装话剧等各式丰富多彩的活动了。当然这部片子讲得是精英教育,强行拿我们的义务教育去做对比未免也太不合理了。剪辑师皮得挺好玩的,里面的每一个男孩子都充满了少年气,棒!
  • andyh:非常棒。我在很久以前就被英国高中生的素质震惊过(独立、多才、有组织性)。哈罗的这些小朋友更夸张,一间 house 里竟然有超过半数的学生掌握超过两种以上的乐器,体育、学业也毫不耽误。学校里随便一个 tradition 都可以追溯到两三百年前。如果家庭经济情况无问题,5 年花 20 万镑太值了。
  • Erinone:Now, for leavings boys this is I expect a bitter sweet evening. You cannot leave a place like this where you have spent formative years of your life without some sadness.
  • 2006-03-19加入:2018.6.28想看,2020.8.10看1.第四集是大概看:主要是讲哈罗的传统。真的是很好的教育(哈罗四百年历史,伊顿八百年历史)读名校 真的是读的人际圈子,如第五集中,他们都有“求职会”这样的活动。500名后勤服务820学生(有部分是大概看的,但整体来说是不错的片子)有史密斯先生那样的舍监,也是一生的荣幸
  • leo_:大概就是上层精英教育吧,太严厉到罚抄。但是很注重学生发展,宿舍之间为竞争对手,类似于霍格沃兹分院。一周上六天课!
  • 其乐:对英国私立高中有所了解,当然,如果只是照搬教科书,不实事求是做客观的调查研究分析,去贴近生活,发现问题,那也只是书斋里的学霸。
  • G:“抓住每个迎面而来的机会”,世间有些,甚至绝大多数机会显然是为权贵子女们准备的,在大部分基础学校连游泳池都没有的情况下,就暂且不说击剑这类很posh的运动课程了,话剧,音乐,运动……这些由学校提供的give it a shot的机会,帮孩子更顺遂地找到余生最想成就的事业
  • Moonchild:还在长青春痘的男孩已经非常suave地坐下之前揭开一颗扣子然后老练地翘起二郎腿了。但是确实挺值学费了,要是我能够把孩子送到harrow,也一定要送进去。同时也感谢自己的初高中,在义务教育的前提下给我提供了力所能及的最好的教育和学习条件。但是看到可以骑马玩polo的时候我真实羡慕了。Hugh?(saudi aribia)绝对是那个别人家的小孩儿,大方成熟,独立自主,去了NYU(感觉确实很适合他的性格)特效组给olie thorne加的特效哈哈哈!
  • 阿狗:从伊顿那边跳过来的,哈罗公学简直就是霍格沃兹的原型啊😭而且HP确实在这里取景过。好喜欢里面的一个小规定:舍监每天下午会去各个宿舍查看,保证大家都有在做有意义的事情而不是瘫在宿舍玩😂发现有人在宿舍无所事事就把他们赶出去,参加运动或者练习音乐等等
  • 串串摊老板娘:男孩子们太可爱了,太可爱了,Shells可爱又“有用”,是纽曼想要的小绅士。(真的不忍心看他们长大秃头
  • Cheeky Monkey:精英是如何养成的,在人文、科学教育之外艺术、体育、礼仪、每一种素养都要齐具。小圈子里传统的沿袭更是让人自然产生集体荣誉感,一代一代自发地去维护尊重这种秩序,建立起强大的人脉圈。男孩子们会打橄榄球也乐意乔装反串出演戏剧,在皇家阿尔伯特音乐厅受邀的历届校友(早已成社会名流)齐声唱着校歌,精英教育真的优越。ps跨度只有一年的记录,但也看到了小贝壳们的成长,最后一集毕业生离开再到宿管老爷爷的退休,还真的有点不舍。
  • 十月逸秋:就这样看着一群男孩从不适到坦然,看着他们丰富多彩的生活,学校让他们全面发展,宿管督促他们充分利用时间,这样的生活真的好羡慕(不过学费是真的贵)
  • 星宇ERS:蓝夹克与灰西裤,永远不能忘记的硬顶草帽。制服的意义就在于彰显你是这个伟大团体中的一员。
    看看哈罗和伊顿们对 Dress Code 的重视程度,就知道为何绅士文化和经典男装都从这个小小岛国发源而来。
  • Violet Dylan:Harrow哈罗
    academically,sport,cultural,music, drama

    合唱队Glee,大家一起努力得冠,West Acre
    越野,射击,拉丁语,声乐,管弦乐,意大利语,现代语课,Classics and Religious studies ,生物,化学,数学,政治学,商学,经济学,晚餐礼仪,行军训练,社区服务,田径,骑马,校长向每位学生点名,Speech Day,拉丁文朗诵会,跑10miles,内测分班,C1,宿舍音乐🎶比赛,

  • yuki711:对这样的校园生活羡慕至极。希望下辈子投胎可以去伦敦哈罗或者伊顿念书。第五集的亨利和奥利那对好朋友太甜了!!!查了一下,亨利这么佛系的学生,后来果然去了一个普通的大学。
  • 寻找刺猬:It is hard to say the definition of good school before I saw this documentary , the point is that the first and foremost personality that to be a real man is being kind and most significant the sense of glorious of team.
  • Cheryl:难以抵挡posh范(zhi)儿(fu)的岛国人(zheng)民(tai) 还不快来一发http://t.cn/z8WfrkH
  • 百里之浮:有笑有泪。剪辑完美,音乐洗脑,每个人都好有意思,太好看了这纪录片!
  • 你是不是傻:正太都很可爱,其实就是把孩子送到一个教育中心,里面有专门的教育专家跟进孩子的所有包括成绩社交兴趣爱好习惯培养等等,而且同学也都是非富即贵。仔细一琢磨,我妈从小对我的教育还挺“贵族化”的,学乐器,做运动,爬山看风景。但很明显的区别就是,他们有钱,有人脉资源,成绩对他们来说真的不是最重要的。也正是出于这个阶层的孩子需要被教育有公德心回馈社会帮助他人这样真正的贵族精神,让他们意识到自己有多幸运多有特权,才能让穷人不那么仇富。
  • Kuki小天才:1.精英教育是全方位的,德智体美劳全面发展,日常穿衣打扮也必须得体;2.不能让自己闲下来无所事事,leisure time应该用来发展个人兴趣爱好;
  • sarah:木有sorting hat?!差評!不過重點是All the boys,Mr. Smith和Mr. Woodcock都很萌!
  • Violeta:Very British,一群可可爱爱的男孩子们,还有超级nice的“班主任”Martin,一切都是我羡慕不来的,有点酸
  • winton:非常有名的英国国际名校,关注每个孩子的生活和学习,注重综合素质发展,如体育、音乐、话剧等兴趣教育,很有启示的教育纪录片。
  • Friday Mercury:看这部纪录片看到最后难免真情实感地泪目了,感觉每个人都很鲜活,看着看着都感觉自己成了West Acre 的一份子,Mr.Smith离开的时候太不舍了